Driving Lessons and Course Options

Get Geared up smoothly with structured driving lessons

Better quality driving lessons usually lead to better results on the road. This often leads to driving test results too. This is why here at Drive Positive Driving School we work hard to deliver properly organised driving lessons in Doncaster to make things as easy as possible. Your tuition will apply the highway code to the recommended DVSA guidelines.

To keep on track, your instructor will log your progress. This helps both you and your instructor to understand what has been covered and to what level. This can also clearly outline which areas of your driving needs attention.

To improve learning performance we have a range of modern visual car training aids. This is an effective way for getting points across with clear colourful diagrams. We’ve found this often reduces how many driving lessons a learner driver needs overall using this easy to follow learning system. Alongside this, we also use the driving theory test resources which which you can access online with additional help in the car if required.

Find an outline of the Doncaster driving lessons, courses and services which are available at Drive Positive

Weekly Lessons

Around Doncaster our most popular request is for weekly driving lessons. These allow you to learn flexibly at an easy manageable pace. Lessons last for either 1 hour, 1½ hours or 2 hours. If you would like to pick up the pace a little, you can optionally choose to take more than one lesson each week.

Intensive Driving Lessons and Courses Doncaster

Some people prefer learning at a short fast pace. Here, we have intensive lessons which are able to significantly reduce the time it take to learn and pass to weeks. Depending on your requirements and how quickly you need, or want to pass, we have programmes lasting for 1 to 5 weeks.

Automatic Driving Lessons Doncaster

If your looking for automatic car lessons, then we can also help. Learning with automatic tuition is easier and less demanding. Because of this, your very likely to get motoring with confidence quicker reducing lesson costs along the way.

Mock Tests

When preparing learners for taking the driving test in Doncaster we feel it’s important to show them what to expect. The way we do this with mock testing. Our instructors years of experience have allowed us to learn the test routes around Doncaster and apply this information to our mock tests. This makes an effective way to get for preparing to get the right positive results on test day.