Intensive Driving Course

Looking for an intensive driving course in Doncaster? Well, you’ve reached the correct place. Here at DDS we are specialist for these fast passing driving lessons and with us you can get your full drivers licence in weeks.

Some people learn a better way driving with intensive course. However, many learner drivers choose these type of lessons to pass faster either for working, social purposes or other reasons. Also known as crash courses, this type of tuition offers a way for people to gain and retain new skills quickly

Starting intensive lessons

Here, intensive lessons are prepared properly. To start we always arrange an assessment lesson with a local instructor. They will take a look at your driving and find out about your knowledge of the Highway Code. After this, your trainer can recommended suitable course and your schedule sessions.

This is a 2 hour session at a cost of £38 for the manual car and £42 for the automatic option.

We will be happy to hear from you. So to discuss your options, or to book an assessment drive you cal either call us or send an email to the team.