Start your driving with lessons in an automatic car.

Drive with no gears to change or clutch by taking automatic driving lessons in Doncaster, South Yorkshire from us. This is a good popular alternative to driving a car with manual transmission.

Lessons are taken beside a friendly local automatic driving instructor in Doncaster who is qualified, registered and DVSA approved.

For lots of learner drivers the automatic car option is a much preferred option for getting their full licence. Automatics really make learning to drive an easier process to get smoothly on your way.

Automatic car lessons : Main Benefits

These cars have no gears to master, no clutch and no stalling. For the foot controls you just have an accelerator pedal and a foot brake. The automatic transmission system selects the gears up and gears down automatically during normal driving. As a result of this, things become more easy for a driver behind the wheel of a car.

Very often we have people requesting training with an automatic and we are always pleased to help. Commonly, it is simply because of having previous problems mastering either the gears, clutch or both.

Different courses of driving tuition for the automatic option

There are a choice of different solutions and ways to learn at your own pace. Are you looking for a faster ways to pass the driving test. If so, try an automatic intensive driving course.

For people that are already qualified drivers but looking for some extra guidance our instructors also provide motorway, refresher and pass plus courses.

It is easy to get started. So if you are looking for good effective automatic driving lessons in Doncaster or the surrounding areas, begin with us.

We would like to turn you into a safe, competent and confident driver. Let DDS Doncaster Driving School help you to pass your driving test in an automatic car.