Motorway Driving Lessons : Doncaster

Start a course of motorway driving lessons in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and learn how to drive on motorways confidently and safely. We provide comprehensive courses and offer training to new and also experienced drivers.

With us, lessons on the motorway are expertly planned and delivered by an experienced local instructor. Your trainer will have years of professional experience will introduce you to the best safe methods.

Each lesson lasts for duration of 2 hours covering the nearby motorways around your area.

Motorway course modules

  • Planning motorway journeys
  • Joining and leaving motorways
  • Safe speed and distances
  • The importance of lane discipline
  • Overtaking safely
  • Observations, judgement and awareness
  • Motorway signs and signals
  • Dealing with drivers fatigue
  • Breakdown procedures

Get started with good quality, fun and educational motorway tuition. Contact the team to learn how to become a better prepared safe motorway driver.